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January 22, 2024
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Revolutionary Impact Investment Funds Arrive in Southwest Florida with Cap Table Nation


  • Cap Table Nation has launched the first-ever impact investment funds in Southwest Florida.
  • These funds are designed to foster growth and community development in the region.

Cap Table Nation, in partnership with Gingras Global, has announced the launch of its impact investment funds in Southwest Florida. The goal of these funds is to drive positive change and foster growth in the region. The launch of Cap Table Nation marks a transformative era in private capital investment, inviting positive business change for the communities of Southwest Florida. The initiative aims to provide investment venture capital infrastructure tools, impeccable reporting, and administrative support to investors. It also seeks to inspire new and existing venture capital funds to channel their investments into regional companies and projects.

At the heart of Cap Table Nation’s vision is the desire to provide investors with a dependable, accurate, and seamless experience as they choose to deploy their capital in Southwest Florida. To support this vision, advisory tables consisting of community stakeholders have been established to provide crucial economic and impact insights. These individuals will serve as ambassadors in their respective communities, sharing street-level intelligence and contributing to a robust feedback loop.

The first two venture capital funds housed within Cap Table Nation’s infrastructure are the Florida Growth Opportunity Fund, Southwest, and Engage Florida Ventures, Southwest. The Florida Growth Opportunity Fund is focused on creating and nurturing companies in pre-seed, seed, or early stages of development, while Engage Florida Ventures supports companies at all stages, including mature companies, fostering their growth to ensure a long-term presence in the region. The capital raise for these two funds will begin in late February.

Cap Table Nation envisions a future where venture capital is fully supported, contributes to economic success, and serves as a driving force for community prosperity in Southwest Florida. The launch of Cap Table Nation and the successful capital raise of the first two funds herald a significant milestone in reshaping the future of private capital investment in the region. Individuals, businesses, and stakeholders are invited to join in fostering a thriving and sustainable community through impactful investments.

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