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January 22, 2024
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Powering Hong Kong’s Web3 Revolution: Zetrix Joins Forces with Web3Labs

A strategic partnership has been formed between Zetrix, Web3Labs Hong Kong, and Summer Capital in order to advance Hong Kong’s Web3 ecosystem. Zetrix, a blockchain platform owned by MyEG Services Bhd, aims to position itself as the preferred blockchain infrastructure for government-aligned applications in line with Hong Kong’s Fintech Promotion Roadmap. Web3Labs Hong Kong brings its extensive network of partners in the Web3 ecosystem to the collaboration, while Summer Capital intends to explore innovative blockchain use cases such as real-world asset tokenization and stablecoin issuance. The collaboration seeks to enhance Zetrix as the preferred Layer-1 platform for government and enterprise-focused Web3 development, and also includes plans to launch a Global Accelerator Program to support startups developing applications on the Zetrix platform. Zetrix is also considering a strategic investment in Web3Labs in order to leverage their expertise and network. The partnership aims to propel Hong Kong’s Web3 ecosystem forward, positioning the city as a hub for Web3 innovation and development.

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