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January 22, 2024
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Patrick Lor: Revolutionizing Investments as Panache Ventures’ Managing Partner


  • Patrick Lor, managing partner of Panache Ventures, is a prominent member of Calgary’s business community and an active investor in the local innovation ecosystem.
  • Lor has experience as a co-founder of iStockphoto, recipient of the University of Calgary’s Jarislowsky Fellowship, and associate of the Creative Destruction Lab.
  • As an investor, he values the opportunity to work directly with entrepreneurs and investors, which sets Calgary apart from larger cities.
  • Lor spends much of his time collaborating with individuals and institutions focused on growing Alberta’s innovation sector.
  • He believes that the next big thing in Calgary could be carbon management and energy saving technology, given the province’s resources and potential for digital infrastructure.

Patrick Lor is known for his contributions to Calgary’s innovation economy. As a co-founder of iStockphoto, he played a key role in the company’s acquisition by Getty Images in 2006. Additionally, Lor has been recognized for his achievements as the Creative Destruction Lab’s Associate of the Year in 2019 and for receiving the University of Calgary’s Jarislowsky Fellowship in Business Management from 2021 to 2023. Currently, he serves as the managing partner at Panache Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in pre-seed and seed-stage investments.

According to Lor, the unique aspect of Calgary’s business community is the opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors to interact directly. He believes that this personal interaction sets Calgary apart from larger cities, providing a golden opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from successful individuals. Lor actively collaborates with his contemporaries to mentor students and offer guidance to the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

While Lor is dedicated to supporting local startups, he also works towards growing Alberta’s innovation sector as a whole. He believes that Alberta has the potential to be the top destination for technology investment due to its resources and opportunities in the energy sector. Lor anticipates the next wave of innovation to focus on carbon management, which would require substantial digital infrastructure and investment. In his view, Alberta is uniquely positioned to lead in this area and contribute to global energy sustainability.

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