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July 3, 2024
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Top Roundups: Cruise and AlphaSense Dominate June Funding Trends


  • Cruise secured the top spot in June with an $850M funding round for autonomous cars.
  • AlphaSense followed closely with a $650M round for their AI-driven market intelligence platform.

In June, major funding rounds took place in the U.S., with Cruise and AlphaSense leading the pack. Cruise, a startup specializing in autonomous cars, raised $850 million from General Motors. After facing setbacks, Cruise is now focusing on restarting its driving programs in various cities. On the other hand, AlphaSense, an artificial intelligence-driven market intelligence platform, secured $650 million, with a valuation of $4 billion. The company also acquired expert research startup Tegus as part of the deal. Other notable rounds include Sila Nanotechnologies raising $375 million for battery technology, Formation Bio securing $372 million for biotech, CData Software receiving $350 million for data integration, Creatio and Foodsmart achieving $200 million each for CRM and healthcare, Marea Therapeutics landing $190 million for biotech, Sidecar Health getting $165 million for healthcare, and Huntress raising $150 million for cybersecurity. In addition to these U.S.-based funding rounds, Indian grocery delivery startup Zepto raised $665 million, marking one of the largest global rounds in June.

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