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July 3, 2024
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Reviving Venture Capital: July 2024 Innovations in Community Investing


  • Fund managers in emerging markets are raising traditional VC funds, while those in the US and Canada are focusing on community resilience and ownership.
  • Dalus Capital and Savia Ventures are leading the way in Latin America with early equity checks for climate opportunities.

The July 2024 edition of The Liist highlights the innovative approaches fund managers are taking in the impact investing space. In emerging markets, there is a resurgence of traditional venture capital funds, providing opportunities for investors to support impactful ventures. Conversely, fund managers in the US and Canada are focusing on community resilience and ownership models.

Dalus Capital and Savia Ventures in Mexico are notable for their emphasis on climate opportunities in Latin America. Dalus Capital is specifically targeting early and growth-stage climate ventures in countries like Costa Rica and Colombia, while also building a network to support startups in the region. Savia Ventures, a first-time fund manager, is cutting checks at the pre-seed stage to support new ventures entering the market.

On the other hand, Homium in the US is offering homeowners a unique option to tap into their home equity through shared appreciation with investors, providing an alternative to traditional loans. New Majority Capital is focused on transferring small-business ownership to underrepresented entrepreneurs through a buy-out fund model.

Orbit Startups, part of US-based venture fund SOSV, is accelerating and investing in tech startups across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Their fund focuses on economic independence, climate resilience, and digitalization to support local economies.

Overall, fund managers featured in The Liist are exploring new models and strategies to drive impact and support a diverse range of ventures in emerging markets and beyond.

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