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December 30, 2023
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Tech and startup hype: AI to IPOs, 5 trends marking 2024!

In the world of tech and startups, 2023 was a year of excitement and volatility. However, the forecast for 2024 suggests a more settled landscape. While AI investment may experience a pullback and the IPO market may see a tepid comeback, venture investment is expected to level off. Here are five key trends to watch in tech and startups in 2024:

  • The AI buzz may wear off due to skyrocketing valuations and concerns of regulatory challenges.
  • Venture funds may experience a slowdown as startups face funding changes and recalibration.
  • Tech layoffs have slowed but are not over, with continued shutdowns and cuts.
  • 2024 may mark the end of the “everything is down” narrative as startup investment and IPOs see a potential upturn.
  • While some IPOs may return in 2024, the overall market for new listings may not experience a significant boom.

These trends highlight the changing landscape of tech and startups in the coming year, with potential shifts in investment, funding, and employment. It will be important to keep an eye on these trends as they may affect the direction and growth of the industry.

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