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December 14, 2023
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Stellantis Salutes 11 Stellar Startups with 2023 Venture Awards

Stellantis, a leading global automaker and mobility provider, has recognised 11 top-performing tech startups in the second annual Stellantis Venture Awards. The accolades underline Stellantis’ devotion to delivering customer-focused technology towards a global clean, safe, and affordable mobility.

  • Through these awards, Stellantis acknowledges the role of innovative startups in developing useful, cutting-edge features that contribute to the company’s Dare Forward 2030 sustainability ambitions.
  • Stellantis collaborates with startups in two ways: by fostering fast implementation of innovative solutions from startups with over 110 partnership contracts signed in the past two years, and via investing in early and later-stage startups developing advanced tech in the auto and mobility sectors with the Stellantis Ventures capital fund.
  • The 11 honorees were chosen based on their positive impact on the customer experience, the novelty of the technology, and the potential scalability within Stellantis.
  • Here are the 2023 Stellantis Venture Awards winners, listed by pillar category of the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan:

  • CARE: Recicli, NetZero, Trails Offroad, Vehya
  • TECH: Tiamat, Electra Vehicles, Vayyar, Geoflex, 6K
  • VALUE: Shippeo, Freight Verify

These innovative companies are remodelling the future of mobility, from Recicli’s sustainable tech that recovers rare materials from electric batteries, to Electra Vehicles’ AI-based software solutions boosting battery life, range and safety, and Shippeo’s real-time vehicle tracking systems. Stellantis also congratulates the other 22 finalists for their admirable projects and contributions to the mobility sector.

Stellantis’ continued efforts to leverage the potential of these revolutionary startups not only accelerate its transition towards becoming a sustainable mobility tech company, but also provide an immersive and progressive driving experience to its customers.

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