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December 14, 2023
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Prime Choices to Boost Capital for Advanced Startups

TechCrunch, as part of the Yahoo family of brands, operates various sites and apps, including Yahoo and AOL. The digital advertising service, Yahoo Advertising, is also part of this family. In order to provide and measure the use of these platforms, TechCrunch uses technologies such as Cookies. This allows the storage and reading of information from user devices, which helps in user authentication, application of security measures, and spam and abuse prevention.

  • TechCrunch, along with their partners including those part of the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework, use cookies and personal data like IP address, precise location, and browsing and search data to display personalised ads based on interest profiles.
  • These data are also used to measure the effectiveness of the personalised ads, develop and improve products and services.

Users have the choice to accept or reject the cookies and personal data used for these additional purposes. They can also customize their choices through ‘Manage privacy settings’. Changes on the ‘Privacy & cookie settings’ or ‘Privacy dashboard’ links on the sites and apps are possible at any given time.

To learn more about how TechCrunch, as part of the Yahoo family of brands, handle personal data, users can look into its privacy and cookie policies. These documents can provide a detailed view on how the data is collected, used, stored and others.

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