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January 6, 2024
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Stealth Unveiled: Exponent Rises with Plaid and Robinhood Alumni


  • Exponent, a new venture capital firm founded by former Plaid and Robinhood executives, has emerged from stealth.
  • Investors in Exponent’s new fund include Carnegie Mellon University, Cook Children’s Health Care System, LGT Capital Partners, and Next Legacy Partners.

Exponent, a new venture capital firm, has recently come out of stealth mode. The firm was founded by former executives from financial technology companies Plaid and Robinhood. Exponent’s team includes co-founders William Hockey, Zach Perret, and Vlad Tenev. The firm has already secured investments from notable institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University, Cook Children’s Health Care System, LGT Capital Partners, and Next Legacy Partners.

Exponent aims to differentiate itself in the crowded venture capital market by focusing on investing in founders and their early-stage startups. In addition to providing capital, Exponent plans to offer support and resources to help founders navigate challenges and accelerate their growth.

The firm’s strategy is centered around building long-term relationships with founders and positioning itself as a trusted partner. Exponent believes that by taking a hands-on approach and working closely with founders, it can help them overcome hurdles and achieve their goals.

Exponent’s team has extensive experience in the fintech industry, with Hockey and Perret founding Plaid, a widely-used platform that enables users to connect their financial accounts to various apps and services. Tenev, on the other hand, co-founded Robinhood, a popular commission-free trading platform.

According to Exponent, the team’s deep industry knowledge and network will give the firm a unique advantage in identifying promising startups and helping them succeed. The firm is particularly interested in early-stage companies in areas such as fintech, health tech, and consumer tech.

With its recent fundraise, Exponent plans to actively look for investment opportunities and work with founders to grow their businesses. The firm’s goal is to be a trusted partner for entrepreneurs, providing them with the resources and support they need to thrive.

Overall, Exponent’s emergence from stealth marks the entrance of a new player in the venture capital industry. The firm’s focus on investing in founders and providing hands-on support sets it apart from traditional venture capital firms and could make it an attractive option for startups looking for more than just capital.

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