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nullBreaking Barriers: Japan VC Association’s Ambitious 30% Diversity Goal”


  • The Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA) plans to have women, foreign nationals, and other underrepresented demographics make up 30% of its senior officials by the end of July.
  • This move aims to encourage greater diversity in the venture capital industry in Japan.

The Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA) is taking steps to promote diversity in its senior leadership. The industry group plans to have women, foreign nationals, and other underrepresented demographics make up 30% of its senior officials by the end of July. Currently, women make up around 10% of both the JVCA’s board members and committee members.

According to the JVCA, increasing diversity in senior leadership is important for reflecting a wider range of viewpoints and experiences in the industry. This move follows a recent sexism dispute within the association, highlighting the need for greater gender equality and representation in the venture capital sector in Japan.

The JVCA plans to officially announce its diversity target soon, signaling a commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity within the venture capital industry. This move aligns with broader efforts in Japan to address gender disparities and create a more inclusive business environment.

By setting a target of 30% representation for underrepresented demographics, the JVCA hopes to encourage investments that reflect diverse perspectives and experiences. This can lead to better decision-making, innovation, and increased opportunities for underrepresented founders and entrepreneurs.

While Japan has been making strides in promoting gender equality and diversity in recent years, there is still progress to be made. The venture capital industry has historically been dominated by men, and women and other underrepresented groups have faced barriers in accessing funding and opportunities.

By setting a clear target and commitment to diversity, the JVCA aims to lead by example and drive change in the industry. This can create a more inclusive and equitable venture capital landscape in Japan, enabling a wider range of entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed.

Overall, the JVCA’s decision to set a 30% diversity target for senior leadership is a positive step towards promoting inclusivity and diversity in the venture capital industry in Japan. By encouraging greater representation of underrepresented groups, the JVCA aims to foster a more inclusive and innovative ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

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