Today: May 26, 2024
January 3, 2024
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Standard Biocarbon secures $5M to launch US biochar production facility.

Carbon removal startup Standard Biocarbon has raised $5 million in investment from sustainable infrastructure capital provider Nexus Development Capital. The funding will support the development and scaling of Standard Biocarbon’s biochar production facility in Enfield, Maine. Biochar is a stable form of carbon produced by heating biomass in the absence of oxygen. When buried in soil, biochar enables long-term carbon sequestration and improves soil fertility. Standard Biocarbon uses source-verified sawmill residuals to produce biochar, with applications ranging from soil improvement to concrete ingredients and heavy metal remediation. The company expects to begin production in Q1 2024, producing 16,000 cubic yards of biochar and capturing 3,000 tons of carbon annually.

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