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July 2, 2024
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Rak Garg: The Youngest Partner at Bain Capital Ventures at 27


  • Rak Garg, at just 27 years old, became the youngest partner at Bain Capital Ventures in less than three years.
  • He transitioned from product management at Atlassian to venture capital, focusing on investing in cybersecurity and AI infrastructure startups.

Rak Garg never expected to work in venture capital, originally aspiring to be a startup founder. After a short-lived attempt at starting his own company, he met Enrique Salem, a partner at Bain Capital Ventures (BCV). Salem encouraged Garg to join BCV to explore both entrepreneurship and investing in startups.

Starting at BCV as an associate in 2021, Garg quickly immersed himself in the role and found himself drawn to investing in cybersecurity and AI infrastructure companies. By January 2022, he had already been promoted to partner, becoming BCV’s youngest partner at just 27 years old.

With a background in computer science and a passion for cybersecurity and AI, Garg took a hands-on approach to his role at BCV. He focused on expanding the firm’s expertise in cybersecurity and AI infrastructure, making key investments in companies like Cleanlab and Viso Trust.

Through his strategic investments and hands-on approach with portfolio companies, Garg’s efforts at BCV quickly paid off, leading to his promotion to partner. His future goals at BCV include continuing to identify and support promising startups and adding value to the firm’s portfolio.

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