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July 3, 2024
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€46M Funding Secured for Wordsmith by Index Ventures


  • Wordsmith, a Scottish AI-powered legal tech startup, raised €4.6M in a seed funding round led by Index Ventures.
  • The company aims to help in-house legal teams handle routine tasks efficiently using AI.

Edinburgh-based Wordsmith, specializing in AI-powered legal operations for enterprises, recently announced securing $5M (approximately €4.6M) in a seed funding round. The investment was led by Index Ventures and included participation from General Catalyst, Felix, Yellow, and S16vc. The funding will allow Wordsmith to develop an in-house legal experience tailored for employees. CEO Ross McNairn emphasizes that AI is meant to enhance professionals’ abilities, rather than replace them. By streamlining routine tasks for in-house legal teams, Wordsmith aims to alleviate the burden on lawyers, who often struggle to keep up with business demands.

Founded in 2023 by Ross McNairn, Volodymyr Giginiak, and Robbie Falkenthal, Wordsmith’s platform offers customized policies, approvals, and oversight of responses for in-house legal teams. The company’s AI workplace platform simplifies the drafting of legal responses, automates contract redlining, and provides immediate feedback to commercial teams. With the goal of creating the ultimate legal command center, Wordsmith focuses on accelerating the work of in-house lawyers and addressing challenges faced by legal professionals in the industry.

Index Ventures, the venture capital firm leading the funding round, sees Wordsmith as a pioneer in transforming professional services through generative AI. Partner Hannah Seal believes that Wordsmith’s approach to AI in legal operations not only revolutionizes the legal industry but also sets a precedent for AI-assisted professionals to deliver better and more efficient services to clients. Overall, Wordsmith’s innovative solution aims to enhance productivity and efficiency for in-house legal teams, enabling them to handle routine tasks effectively and focus on high-value work.

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