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January 3, 2024
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Investors reveal top startup tips: Curiosity, communication, and capital efficiency!

Investors are offering their advice for startups in 2024. Key tips for founders include: “be curious,” “communicate openly and honestly,” and “maintain capital efficiency with a focus on growth.” The decline in venture capital in 2023 has caused investors and companies to be cautious with spending. However, factors such as a strong stock market and increased talent availability following numerous layoffs in 2023 may present opportunities for startups in 2024. One investor suggests that pairing technical AI innovation with proven enterprise expertise will help founders find market traction faster. Another advises founders to frequently revisit their pricing strategies in order to reach new customers and drive growth in the new year. Founders are also urged to have a strong grasp on their financials and market dynamics, as well as to communicate openly and proactively with their advisory teams. Paint the big vision, share the unique approach, and showcase proof points to gain conviction in building a product the market wants. These are just a few of the tips offered by investors for startups in 2024.

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