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May 3, 2024
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Imecxpand unveils €300M fund for cutting-edge tech startups


– Imec.xpand has launched a new €300 million fund for semiconductor and nanotechnology startups.
– The fund will invest in startups that have the potential to be globally disruptive in their target domains.

Imec.xpand launches €300M fund for semiconductor and nanotech startups

Imec.xpand, an independent global venture capital fund, has announced the launch of a new €300 million fund aimed at accelerating the growth of transformative semiconductor and nanotechnology innovations. In collaboration with nanoelectronics R&D and innovation hub imec, the fund will focus on investing in startups that have the potential to be globally disruptive within their target domains.

The fund is designed to fuel semiconductor innovation beyond traditional applications and drive next-generation technologies that are ten years ahead of their time. Imec.xpand invests globally across all stages, transforming semiconductor and nanotechnology innovations into market-ready solutions. The fund targets breakthrough technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, photonics, and advancements in life sciences, including cell therapy, sequencing, and neuromodulation.

According to Tom Vanhoutte, partner at imec.xpan, the fund is not just about funding startups but also about building companies that can lead the next wave of technological transformation. Imec.xpand has already invested in 23 companies since its launch in 2017, with portfolio companies having raised nearly €1.5 billion in financing and including two unicorns such as Swave Photonics, Pulsify Medical, and Spectricity.

Imec.xpand is committed to advancing the semiconductor industry by empowering startups to bring innovative technologies to market faster, with a focus on leveraging imec’s expertise and international network to help unicorns grow amid the global race for semiconductor supremacy.

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