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December 19, 2023
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Helsinki’s Sizzling Startups

In 2022, Finnish startups raised a record amount of investment of €1.8 billion ($1.9 billion), according to the Finish Venture Capital Association. Helsinki is at the core of the Finnish startup sector and has quickly become a leading hub for startups. The city is known for its welcoming environment and easy access to investors and clients. Some of the hottest startups in Helsinki include Veri, a metabolic health startup; CurifyLabs, which uses 3D printing to manufacture drugs; Quanscient, which uses quantum computing for industrial simulations; Onego Bio, which reinvents the egg using precision fermentation; Flowrite, an AI-powered writing assistant; 100 Thousand Million, a company focused on building sustainable cities; IQM, which builds quantum computers; Rens Original, a sustainable sneaker company; Huuva, a food delivery startup; and Twice Commerce, a circular commerce platform.

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