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December 13, 2023
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Heartcore Capital’s Web3 Fund Blossoms with €15M Raise

Heartcore Capital, a crypto venture capital firm based in Copenhagen, has raised €15m ($16.3m) for its first Web3 fund. This fund will back startups advancing application layer protocols, encompassing fields like DeFi, gaming, social, software, and DeSci. The firm generally doesn’t lead private rounds, with investment checks spanning from $250k to $500k.

  • Heartcore Capital is a crypto native venture capital firm located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • The firm has raised €15m ($16.3m) for its first Web3 fund to invest in startups working on pioneering application layer protocols.
  • Areas of primary focus for this fund include DeFi, gaming, social, software, and DeSci.
  • The firm doesn’t lead private funding rounds, with investments typically ranging from $250k to $500k.

Investments in the Web3 space have been increasing recently, with venture capital firms recognizing the potential of blockchain-related developments in various sectors. Heartcore Capital’s first Web3 fund demonstrates their commitment to support startups operating in areas such as decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, social, software, and the data science field (DeSci).

The size of the checks that Heartcore Capital writes for investments indicates a focus on early-stage startups, assisting them in their initial growth stages. It’s worth noting that they usually do not lead private funding rounds, instead participating in partnership with other investors.

As blockchain technology and the concept of “Web 3.0” continue to evolve and gain traction, funds like that of Heartcore Capital will play a crucial role in fostering innovative solutions and advancements in this rapidly developing field.

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