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January 3, 2024
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Foxe Capital by Ruth Foxe Blader: Empowering Global Fintech Investment!

Ruth Foxe Blader, the former partner at Anthemis Group, has launched Foxe Capital, a new venture firm focusing on global fintech investment. Blader will be joined by Kyle Perez and Sophie Winwood in this new venture. Foxe Capital plans to invest in fintech startups worldwide, leveraging Blader’s experience in funding over 50 startups such as Lemonade and Branch. Initially, the firm will manage Anthemis’ funds but aims to transition to independent fundraising in the future.

Blader’s decision to start Foxe Capital was driven by her desire for independent investing, which was sparked by her co-founding of WVC:E in April 2022. The firm will have a global investment strategy, with a strong focus on the U.S. market. Blader has extensive international experience in Europe, India, Cameroon, and Latin America.

Anthemis Group, where Blader previously worked, has recently undergone significant changes, including layoffs, the abandonment of a fundraising effort, and controversies in its portfolio companies. These events created a period of disruption and set the stage for Blader’s new venture into fintech investing.

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