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January 3, 2024
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2023 resilience fuels Israeli cyber M&As for 2024 success.

The year 2023 saw a decrease in fundraising rounds for Israeli cybersecurity startups, with a total of $1.9 billion raised in 71 investment rounds, marking a 41% drop compared to the previous year. However, there were two positive trends identified in the industry. Firstly, the average Seed round in cybersecurity increased to almost $10 million, highlighting growing investor interest in the sector. Secondly, there was a significant rise in the number of exits (mergers and acquisitions) of Israeli startups. In 2023, 21 Israeli companies were sold, compared to 16 in 2022, and the average time to exit decreased to 5.2 years. This trend is driven by the challenge of raising follow-on rounds in a difficult macroeconomic environment, as well as the desire of software and hardware companies to enhance their solutions with security capabilities. The report predicts that the trend of increasing sales of cyber companies will continue in 2024, as many companies in the field have large cash reserves and their shares are experiencing sharp increases in value.

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