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“African Startups: Unlocking the Potential of 2024 Amid Challenges”


  • TechCrunch is part of the Yahoo family of brands, including Yahoo and AOL, and uses cookies to provide their sites and apps, authenticate users, and measure usage.
  • By clicking “Accept all,” users agree to personalized ads and content, as well as the use of personal data like IP address and browsing history for advertising purposes.
  • Users have the option to reject all cookies and personalized data usage, or to customize their privacy settings.

TechCrunch, as part of the Yahoo family of brands, utilizes cookies to enhance user experience and provide various services on their sites and applications. These cookies, including similar technologies like web storage, allow the operators of websites and apps to store and retrieve information from users’ devices.

In addition to providing the basic functionality of their sites and apps, TechCrunch’s use of cookies serves several other purposes. Firstly, cookies are utilized to authenticate users, apply security measures, and prevent spam and abuse on the platform. This helps ensure a safe and reliable user experience for all visitors.

Furthermore, TechCrunch and its partners, including those who are part of the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework, may use cookies and personal data for advertising-related activities. If users choose to click “Accept all,” their personal data, such as IP address, precise location, browsing and search data, may be collected and processed to display personalized ads and content based on their interests.

The collection of this personal data also enables TechCrunch to measure the effectiveness of personalized ads and content, as well as to develop and improve their products and services. By analyzing data patterns and user preferences, TechCrunch can tailor their offerings to better suit the needs and interests of their audience.

For users who do not wish to have their personal data used for these additional purposes, the option to click “Reject all” is available. This will prevent TechCrunch and their partners from utilizing cookies and personal data for advertising and customization purposes.

Alternatively, users can choose to customize their privacy settings by clicking “Manage privacy settings.” This allows individuals to select specific preferences and determine the extent to which their personal data is used for various purposes on TechCrunch’s sites and apps.

It is important to note that users have the flexibility to change their choices at any time by accessing the “Privacy & cookie settings” or “Privacy dashboard” links on TechCrunch’s sites and apps. This empowers individuals to maintain control over their personal data and privacy practices.

To learn more about how TechCrunch handles personal data and cookies, users are encouraged to review the privacy policy and cookie policy provided by the company.

In conclusion, by being part of the Yahoo family of brands, TechCrunch utilizes cookies and personal data to provide their services, enhance user experience, and deliver personalized ads and content. However, users have the ability to reject cookies and the usage of personal data, or customize their privacy settings according to their preferences.

This article has been condensed for simplicity and highlights the key elements found in the original TechCrunch article.

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