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January 11, 2024
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Vintage Investment Partners secures $200M for 4th growth-stage fund

– Vintage Investment Partners has raised $200 million for its fourth growth-stage venture fund, exceeding its target of $175 million.
– The fund will invest in 15-20 leading Israeli, European, and U.S. growth-stage technology startups.
– Vintage’s total assets under management now amount to around $4 billion.

Vintage Investment Partners has closed its fourth growth-stage venture fund, called Growth IV, after raising $200 million, surpassing its target of $175 million. The fund will focus on investing in 15-20 leading technology startups in Israel, Europe, and the U.S. Vintage Investment Partners’ total assets under management now stand at approximately $4 billion.

Asaf Horesh, General Partner at Vintage Investment Partners, stated that the fund was primarily raised over the summer and continued during the recent war. He also emphasized their belief in ample market opportunities and their focus on investing in the best companies across sectors, with a strong emphasis on relationships in Israel.

In addition to providing capital, Vintage Investment Partners offers Value+ services, including cultivating relationships with over 500 leading corporations. These relationships aim to generate business engagements for startups, funds, and corporate partners. Vintage has facilitated over 3,300 meetings and introductions, resulting in nearly 300 purchase orders and paid proof of concepts for startups, amounting to over $200 million in business.

The firm has also expanded its team to over 60 people since the previous growth fund was raised. Alan Feld, Founder and Managing Partner of Vintage Investment Partners, expressed optimism about the future of the firm and highlighted the success of raising Growth IV. He also mentioned the profitable deployment of the remaining capital in Growth III, as well as the funds raised for the firm’s fund of funds and secondary fund.

Overall, Vintage Investment Partners’ successful closing of Growth IV demonstrates their continued ability to access and support leading growth-stage companies while remaining disciplined in their deployment pace and fund sizes. Their focus on building relationships and generating business engagements for startups further enhances their value proposition.

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