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December 13, 2023
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Venture Capital: Powerhouse Women at the Helm

  • The Alternative Edge podcast explores the role and impact of female leaders in the venture capital industry.
  • Women in venture capital face numerous challenges, including access to capital and wage disparities, yet they provide double the revenue per investment over male counterparts.

In a recent episode of The Alternative Edge podcast released by Weaver, a commitment to increasing diversity in the Venture Capital sector was investigated particularly focusing on the role of women. Sindhu Rajesh and Sonali Vijayavargiya discussed the transformative impact women were having on the investment landscape, and how they were driving efficiency, productivity and sustainability within foundational industries.

The discussions highlighted a critical need for diversity of thought in the venture capital arena, pointing at the unique challenges female fund managers often face, including access to capital and wage disparities. However, despite these challenges, it was noted that increasing female representation leads to economic growth, prompting the necessity for increased demographic engagement.

Rajesh, an audit partner at Weaver, and Vijayavargiya, a general partner of Augment Ventures, emphasised the potential of women in this sector. The discussion underscored that although women represent a mere 4.9% of VC managers, female leaders have been observed to deliver twice the revenue per investment compared to their male counterparts. The importance of diversity in thought and the ability to bring individual lived experiences into startups to create impactful solutions was also emphasised.

These discussions served as a testament to the strides women have made in venture capital and also as a call to address the ongoing challenges that persist, including the gap in access to capital and societal barriers. Listeners are urged to subscribe and listen to future episodes of Alternative Edge available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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