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  • AOL is part of the Yahoo family of brands.
  • Cookies are used to provide sites and apps, authenticate users, and measure usage.
  • If you accept cookies, personalized ads and content will be displayed, and data will be collected for improving products and services.
  • If you reject cookies, no personalized content or data will be collected.
  • Privacy and cookie settings can be managed at any time.

AOL, as a part of the Yahoo family of brands, uses cookies and similar technologies to enhance user experience on their sites and apps. These cookies allow the operators of the websites and apps to store and retrieve information from users’ devices. By clicking ‘Accept all’, both AOL and their partners, who are a part of the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework, will use cookies and personal data, such as IP address, precise location, browsing and search data, to display personalized ads and content based on users’ interest profiles.

In addition, the collected data will be used to measure the effectiveness of personalized ads and content, as well as to develop and improve products and services. This information will help AOL and its partners to tailor their offerings to better suit individual users’ preferences.

However, for those who do not wish to have cookies and personal data used for these additional purposes, they can simply click ‘Reject all’. By doing so, no personalized ads or content will be displayed, and no data will be collected for the purpose of improving products and services. This option provides a higher level of privacy and prevents any tracking of user behavior.

For users who prefer a more customized approach, they can click on ‘Manage privacy settings’. This option allows them to make changes to their cookie preferences at any time. The settings can be adjusted using the ‘Privacy & cookie settings’ or ‘Privacy dashboard’ links on the AOL sites and apps.

In summary, AOL, along with its partners, uses cookies and personal data to enhance user experience by displaying personalized ads and content. By accepting cookies, users enable AOL to improve their products and services based on user preferences. However, for those concerned about privacy, the option to reject cookies and avoid personalized content and data collection is available. Users have the flexibility to manage their privacy settings and make changes whenever desired.

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