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January 19, 2024
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Unleashing Investor Acumen: Mastering Private Equity and Venture Capital


  • The key to success in private equity and venture capital is investor acumen, not prestigious academic or employment backgrounds.
  • Main skills needed include market analysis, evaluating management teams, staying informed on industry trends, understanding deal-making, and assessing target products/services.

An ex-London-based private equity and venture capital recruitment sector and current CEO of City Careers Coach emphasizes the importance of investor acumen in the buyside. While many believe that prestigious academic or employment backgrounds alone guarantee success in these fields, the author argues that understanding the key skills required for success is vital. These skills include market analysis, management evaluation, staying informed on industry trends, deal-making, and understanding target products/services. Developing a mastery of investor acumen is crucial to standing out and succeeding in private equity and venture capital careers.

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