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July 3, 2024
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Top VCs’ Dream AI Startups for the Future


– VCs share their wishlist for AI startups they hope to see next

– AI technology described as transformational with endless applications

VCs are constantly presented with pitch decks from AI startups, each with a unique vision of how artificial intelligence can revolutionize various industries. However, the Fortune team reached out to nine VCs to understand what AI startups they would love to see founders launch and what is on their AI wishlist. The VCs emphasized that while the earliest days of AI are behind us, there is still much untapped potential in the field.

One of the VCs mentioned that they are in the early third inning of AI development, and compared the current state of AI to the time before Uber emerged after the widespread adoption of mobile phones. Despite not being genies who can grant wishes, VCs expressed their hopes for innovative AI startups that could transform industries and drive the next wave of technological advancement.

Several AI startups also secured substantial funding, with K Health, Prodia, Kanvas Biosciences, and Vaire Computing raising significant amounts to fuel their growth and development. Additionally, private equity firms like BlackRock and Clearlake Capital Group made strategic acquisitions in the private markets data platform sector.

Overall, VCs are eager to see AI startups leverage the full potential of artificial intelligence to drive innovation, disrupt traditional industries, and create solutions that address pressing societal challenges. The AI landscape continues to evolve, offering exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to shape the future of technology.

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