Today: July 14, 2024
July 1, 2024
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Top Israeli GenAI Startups Securing Funding in First Half 2024


  • Israeli GenAI startups have raised significant funding in H1 2024, despite economic challenges.
  • Companies like BRIA, Aim Security, Illumex, Ask-AI, and Prompt Security are leading the way in this space.

Israeli GenAI startups have been making significant strides in the first half of 2024, despite economic challenges following the war with Hamas. BRIA, a visual Generative AI platform, raised $24 million in Series A funding from various investors including GFT Ventures, Intel Capital, and Entrée Capital. Aim Security, a security platform for GenAI, secured an $18 million Series A round led by Canaan Partners. Illumex, a GenAI company, raised $13 million from investors such as Cardumen Capital and Samsung Ventures. Ask-AI, a generative AI answers and insights solution, also received $11 million in Series A funding. Lastly, Prompt Security, a platform for enterprise generative AI security, raised $5 million in Seed funding. These companies are at the forefront of the GenAI space in Israel, showcasing innovation and potential in this emerging sector.

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