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January 22, 2024
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The Unmatched Grit and Tenacity of Israeli Entrepreneurs


– Inbal Perlman, Partner at TAU Ventures, discusses the challenges faced by Israeli founders and the importance of sharing vulnerability.
– Israeli founders possess unparalleled determination and strength on a global scale, according to Perlman.

Inbal Perlman, Partner at TAU Ventures, praises the determination and strength of Israeli founders, describing it as unparalleled on a global scale. She acknowledges that current circumstances have made it more challenging for founders to raise capital and that many employees are on reserves, leading to an impact on the milestones set by companies. Perlman emphasizes the need for founders to be creative and set new milestones to navigate these difficult circumstances.

TAU Ventures is Tel Aviv University’s venture capital fund, which was established in 2018 with LPs from around the world and manages $70 million across two funds. The fund invests the first check in early-stage companies across various sectors and aims to empower an ecosystem involving academia, industry, and entrepreneurs.

Perlman also highlights the stress and complexity that founders face, especially in the current environment. She believes that founders may be hesitant to show vulnerability or discuss the struggles they are facing. However, she emphasizes the importance of sharing these difficulties and seeking support.

Overall, Perlman emphasizes the unique qualities and challenges faced by Israeli founders. She encourages founders to adapt and be creative in setting new milestones to overcome the obstacles they encounter. Additionally, she advocates for a culture that supports open discussions about struggles and vulnerability among founders.

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