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January 12, 2024
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The Ultimate 5-Step Survival Kit for Niche Industry Fundraising


  • The global venture capital market is facing challenges due to economic and geopolitical issues, leading to a drop in VC investment.
  • Founders seeking VC funding in 2024 should focus on showcasing initial metrics and traction, developing a marketing strategy, and building a strong community.
  • It is important to plan ahead, secure a reserve fund, and explore diverse sources of investment.

The global venture capital (VC) market is going through a tough period caused by economic and geopolitical issues. According to KPMG’s “Venture Pulse Q3 2023” report, worldwide VC investment dropped to a sixteen-quarter low in Q3 2023. Startups are receiving less funding compared to previous years, with investors becoming more cautious and demanding tangible results. In this challenging environment, founders seeking VC funding in 2024 need to adopt a thoughtful approach to secure investment.

Here are five key pieces of advice for companies seeking VC funding in 2024:

  1. Show initial metrics and traction: In the current financial climate, an idea or talented team is no longer enough to sell investors. They want to see solid proof of potential, such as initial engagement figures and prototypes. Understanding the market, competitors, and your unique selling points is crucial to stand out.
  2. Develop a marketing strategy: Building a customer base and validating concepts should start early. Communicating with potential customers and earning revenue can prove to investors that your startup is on the right track. In today’s oversaturated market, breaking through the noise and connecting with customers requires a well-thought-out marketing strategy tailored to your niche.
  3. Build a strong community: Investors value products that are in demand by customers. Start building your future fan base as early as possible to demonstrate traction. Utilize various platforms, channels, and tools to engage your audience and keep them informed and involved.
  4. Secure a reserve fund: Fundraising in 2024 is likely to be an uphill battle, and the timeframe for securing investment is uncertain. Having a reserve fund for 12-18 months of runway can provide stability during volatile market conditions. Start the fundraising process well in advance to explore different sources and reduce the risk of unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Explore diverse investment options: Casting a wide net for potential investors increases your chances of securing favorable deals. Diversifying funding sources can ensure stability and resilience. Consider grants, individual donations, corporate partnerships, and opportunities offered by countries trying to develop their tech markets.

Despite the challenges in the VC market, securing funding is still possible by proving the viability of your product and understanding its fit in the market. It is essential to prepare a strong investor pitch, provide community metrics, and invest effort into the fundraising process.

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