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December 13, 2023
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Temasek-Info Edge: Masterminding Portfolios with Three Joint VC Funds!

Info Edge (India) Ltd, the parent company of jobs portal Naukri.com and real estate website 99acres.com, has been expanding the portfolio of its joint venture capital funds operated with Temasek, the Singapore state investment firm. Further details on the portfolio expansion efforts and their recent investments remain undisclosed due to the source material being part of a premium subscription service.

  • Info Edge (India) Ltd and Temasek, a Singaporean government-owned investment firm, are expanding their venture capital (VC) portfolios.
  • These VC funds are being used to make additional investments into existing startups within their joint portfolios.
  • More information about their investment strategy or in which startups they are investing is currently unavailable as the full article is part of a subscription service.

This partnership between Info Edge, an Indian internet company that owns several online platforms, and Temasek, a globally influential investment corporation from Singapore, is of significant interest within the venture capital industry. By working together, these companies can bring together their distinct market expertise and financial resources to invest in promising startups in India and potentially elsewhere.

With a robust and growing tech ecosystem, India presents a market full of potential for VC investments in startups. Notably, the country has seen a boom in the number of startups and continues to be a hub for technological innovation. Through their joint VC funds, Info Edge and Temasek are enabling more of these startups to gain access to much-needed financial support, especially crucial during the early stages of growth and development.

While the specifics of their investment strategy remain confidential, it is clear that through their collaboration, Info Edge and Temasek are helping to foster a strong startup culture in India. Their venture capital funds, by providing financial backing to these new companies, are essential for nurturing a vibrant and innovation-driven industry.

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