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January 7, 2024
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Tech VC’s Shift to Survival Mode Amidst Brutal Economic Downturn


  • Venture capital firms in Silicon Valley are facing a tough financial climate.
  • Investor returns have plummeted after a record-breaking year in 2022.
  • Many venture capitalists are now in survival mode, trying to navigate the slowdown.

Eras in the world of venture capital are closing, and the aftermath is not looking pretty. Venture capital firms in Silicon Valley rode a wave of success, raising a record-breaking $172 billion in 2022. However, the industry is now facing a brutal slowdown, with investor returns plummeting.

The article discusses the two different ways eras can end: crashing into a wall or a more gentle adjustment. In this case, venture capital is undergoing the latter. While there may not be the dramatic destruction of trillions of dollars that occurred during the dotcom crash or the cryptocurrency collapse, the reality is still harsh for many venture capitalists.

The slowdown in the industry has forced venture capitalists to switch to survival mode, trying to navigate the changing financial landscape. After investing in companies at sky-high valuations, many venture capitalists are now grappling with the reality that they may not be able to make good on their investments.

The article highlights the record-breaking year in 2022, where venture capital firms in America raised nearly double the amount of funds compared to two years prior and quadruple the amount raised in 2017. However, the optimism and success of that year have been quickly overshadowed by the current slowdown.

The shift in the venture capital landscape has impacted not only the firms themselves but also the start-ups seeking funding. With less money flowing into the industry, it has become increasingly difficult for start-ups to secure the investments they need to grow and scale their businesses.

Overall, the article emphasizes the challenging financial climate faced by venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. They are now grappling with the reality of lower investor returns and navigating a slowdown that is forcing them to switch to survival mode and adjust their strategies accordingly.


– Tech’s venture capitalists switch to survival mode in a brutal slowdown: Danny Fortson, The Times

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