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January 18, 2024
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Summa Health’s Potential Sale to HATCo: A Kaleidoscope of Concern


Venture capital company Health Assurance Transformation Corp. (HATCo) plans to purchase and transform Akron-based Summa Health in a bid to create a model of modern healthcare.

Summa Health will undergo a transformation to become a wellness care-focused system, as opposed to the traditional fee-for-service model. HATCo will provide financial investment and technological know-how to speed up the process.

HATCo’s goal is to create a blueprint for other hospital systems in the US and around the world.

Akron’s Ward 8 councilman is hesitant about private equity owning health resources, while Akron’s Ward 5 councilman sees the sale as a way for Summa to move forward without job losses and provide better healthcare to the community.

Profit from the sale of Summa will be used to support general health in Greater Akron.

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