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December 14, 2023
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Stellantis Salutes 2023 Venture Awards, Honoring 11 Stellar Startups & Innovators.

Stellantis N.V., one of the world’s leading automakers and mobility providers, has celebrated 11 top-performing technology startups with the second annual Stellantis Venture Awards. The awards recognize the company’s commitment to providing customer-focused technology in line with its Dare Forward 2030 ambition for global clean, safe, and affordable mobility.

  • The Venture Awards acknowledged six startup partners, and five startups with investment from the Stellantis Ventures capital fund.
  • Over the past two years, Stellantis has signed over 110 partnership contracts with startups.
  • The Stellantis Ventures capital fund, initially invested with €300 million, hones in on early and later-stage startup companies generating innovative technologies for potential deployment in the automotive and mobility sector.

Ned Curic, Stellantis Chief Engineering and Technology Officer said that their focus is on creating products that customers love and enjoy, applauding the fresh, creative perspectives from innovative startups that help them deliver useful, cutting-edge features.

The awardees were chosen based on the impact on customer experience, the novelty of the technology and its potential scale within Stellantis. The 2023 Stellantis Venture Awards recipients include Recicli, NetZero, Trails Offroad, Vehya, Tiamat, Electra Vehicles, Vayyar, Geoflex, 6K, Shippeo, and Freight Verify.

Each of these companies provides a unique solution that improves customer experience or brings innovative technology to the auto industry. For example, Recicli, based in Brazil, specializes in developing sustainable technologies for all industries. Specifically, Stellantis and Recicli have collaborated to recover rare materials from electric batteries using an innovative bio metallurgy process.

In addition to the award winners, Stellantis also congratulated 22 other finalists and their projects contributing to the reach and development of the company’s mobility technologies.

Stellantis continues to foster innovation through fast implementation of innovative ideas from startups, gripping on their abilities to add value to their tech-driven mobility solutions. A reflection of Stellantis’ strategic investment in overseas ventures – it’s worthwhile supporting and encouraging technological innovation within this space.

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