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December 14, 2023
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Stellantis Honors Elite Startups, Innovators in 2023 Venture Awards Spectacular

Stellantis N.V., a leading automaker and mobility provider, has recognized 11 top-performing technology startups with the Stellantis Venture Awards, marking the second annual iteration of this initiative. The event celebrates innovation and successful collaborations and underscores Stellantis’ commitment to delivering customer-focused technology, underpinning the Dare Forward 2030 ambition for global clean, safe, and affordable mobility.

  • Stellantis utilizes the global startup ecosystem to expedite its transition into a sustainable mobility tech company.
  • The Venture Awards acknowledged six startup partners and five startups that received investment from the Stellantis Ventures capital fund, a project established with an initial investment of €300 million focusing on relating startups.
  • In the past two years, over 110 partnership contracts have been signed with startups.
  • Startups play a pivotal role in the Dare Forward 2030 ambition, which aims to adopt customer-centric solutions for clean, safe, and affordable mobility.
  • Honorees were chosen based on three key parameters: the impact on the customer experience, the novelty of the technology, and its potential scale within Stellantis.

Among the recognized entities, Brazilian startup Recicli specializes in developing sustainable technologies for all industries and works with Stellantis to recover rare materials from electric batteries using innovative bio metallurgy process. Similarly, French company NetZero focuses on high-permanence carbon removal from the atmosphere by converting agriculture residues into biochar. Other honorees include Trails Offroad (US) that promotes off-roading with Jeep® vehicles, Vehya (US) that assists Stellantis customers to select and install the right Free2move home charging equipment, and Tiamat (France) that developed an advanced sodium-ion battery cell chemistry as an alternative to lithium-ion.

Other award recipients include: Electra Vehicles, an Italy/US-based company offering AI-based solutions to extend battery lifetime; Vayyar from Israel, a company using a 4D imaging radar platform for in-cabin monitoring and improved safety; Geoflex, a French entity delivering global real-time positioning accuracy; 6K (US) that uses the UniMelt plasma process for advanced sustainable manufacturing; and Shippeo (France) and Freight Verify (US) that enable customers and dealers to track their vehicle’s transportation in real-time.

In this venture, Stellantis aims to lead the way the world moves, aspiring to become the greatest sustainable mobility tech company, while creating added value for all stakeholders and the communities in which it operates.

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