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December 14, 2023
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Sandbrook Capital Bags $2.1 Billion for Climate-Infrastructure Boost

Sandbrook Capital has raised $2.1 billion to support renewable energy businesses. The private equity firm’s debut fund- Sandbrook Climate Infrastructure Fund I, surpassed its initial goal by 50% securing $1.5 billion. An additional amount of over $600 million was obtained for related co-investment vehicles. The firm, which is shifting its focus to the U.S. after initial deals in Europe, attracted approximately 35 investors.

  • Sandbrook Capital has successfully generated $2.1 billion to invest in renewable-energy businesses.
  • The firm’s debut fund, the Sandbrook Climate Infrastructure Fund I, gathered $1.5 billion, surpassing its initial target by 50%.
  • More than $600 million was amassed for co-investment obligations.
  • The funds collected will be used to support the firm’s shift in focus to the U.S after initiating deals in Europe.
  • Approximately 35 investors supported the fund.

Sandbrook Capital’s noteworthy fundraising success underlines the increasing interest and investment in renewable energy and clean technology sectors. The firm’s decision to shift its focus to the U.S is also significant considering the U.S’s long-standing position as an important player in global energy markets, and recent regulatory and policy changes promoting renewable energy.

The substantial amount raised for co-investment purposes highlights the growing trend of equity firms seeking larger, more direct investment opportunities within the rapidly growing clean-tech industry. This fundraising success provides Sandbrook Capital with the capacity to pursue greater investment opportunities and partnerships within the renewable energy sector.

This shift in focus to a burgeoning sector is expected to drive increased investment and growth opportunities, thus underscoring the importance of renewable energy ventures in today’s investment landscape.

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