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January 11, 2024
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Reviving the Past: Vintage Investment Partners Launches $200M Venture Fund


  • Vintage Investment Partners has closed its 4th Growth-Stage Venture Fund (Growth IV) with a total capital commitment of $200 million.
  • The fund will invest in 15-20 growth-stage technology startups in Israel, Europe, and the US.

Vintage Investment Partners, a global venture capital platform, has announced the successful completion of its 4th Growth-Stage Venture Fund (Growth IV), raising a total of $200 million in capital commitments, exceeding its target. This fund marks the firm’s 20th anniversary and will focus on supporting growth-stage technology startups in Israel, Europe, and the US.

Growth IV will follow the investment approach of Vintage’s previous Growth funds, targeting promising startups in the technology sector and collaborating with trusted venture capital funds within the firm’s network. The closing of Growth IV increases Vintage’s total assets under management to approximately $4 billion.

Despite a challenging fundraising environment for venture capital funds, Vintage successfully closed Growth IV above target, thanks to strong support from its limited partners. Abe Finkelstein, general partner at Vintage, acknowledged the exciting period in venture capital investing, with ongoing innovation and disruption across various sectors.

Asaf Horesh, general partner at Vintage, emphasized the firm’s commitment to partnering with and supporting the best founders and teams while generating market-leading returns for investors. Vintage’s Value+ services will continue to support portfolio companies, facilitating business engagements, introductions, and generating business worth over $200 million.

In preparation for the launch of Growth IV, Vintage has significantly expanded its team to over 60 people, strengthening its capabilities and signaling its commitment to growth. Alan Feld, founder and managing partner of Vintage, expressed confidence in the future leaders of the firm and their ability to deploy capital from previous funds raised.

Overall, Vintage Investment Partners’ successful closing of its 4th Growth-Stage Venture Fund highlights the firm’s position as a well-established global venture capital platform. With a focus on growth-stage technology startups, the fund’s capital commitment of $200 million demonstrates investor confidence despite the challenging fundraising environment. Vintage’s extensive network and Value+ services also contribute to its ability to support portfolio companies and generate market-leading returns.

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