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December 13, 2023
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Leav pockets $2.3M in seed funding galore.

Leav Inc., a Montreal-based fintech startup in the mobile self-checkout industry, has secured $2.3 million in seed funding led by Exo10.vc, a venture capital fund led by Nicolas Bouchard. The seed funding will be employed to accelerate market penetration, develop existing client relationships, speed up partnerships and further enhance its mobile self-checkout products. The investment marks significant progress in in-store retail technology and customer experiences.

  • Leav’s technology allows customers to scan and pay for items using their mobile devices, eliminating the need for checkout lines, potentially increasing the transaction value and decreasing hardware costs for retailers.
  • Olivier Roy, Leav’s co-founder & CEO, emphasized the company’s strong market fit and the prestige of the investors, expressing confidence in the firm’s future growth and potential to build an exceptional team.
  • Nicolas Bouchard of Exo10.vc expressed confidence in Leav’s potential of becoming a leader in the self-checkout industry and his enthusiasm in joining forces to enable their achievement of future milestones.
  • Leav aims at enhancing the shopping experience for customers and streamlining retail operations, drawing from the best aspects of e-commerce, self-service, and self-checkout experiences.
  • Leav also provides the technology that powers Canada’s first unmanned store.

In closing, Leav is poised to disrupt the retail technology industry by bringing efficiency, convenience, and innovative technologies into shopping experiences. The backing of Exo10.vc, an established venture capital firm known for specializing in assisting organizations with exponential growth potential, consolidates Leav’s market position and growth prospects.

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