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May 17, 2024
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Introducing Roundtable’s Micro Fund Creation Platform for Easy VC


  • Roundtable launches micro fund-as-a-service platform to allow individuals to easily start their own VC fund.
  • The platform simplifies and accelerates the process of fund creation, targeting micro funds with lower minimums and streamlined operations.

European investor Roundtable has announced the launch of its micro fund-as-a-service product, aimed at enabling any investor to quickly and easily start their own VC fund. The platform, which is a registered EuVECA Manager in Luxembourg, allows founders to raise capital through business angels and communities of investors. It also provides a space for investors to create their own communities, invite others to join, and share deals.

Roundtable’s new product significantly simplifies and accelerates the process of launching a fund. With a lower minimum requirement and standardized, all-inclusive fund-as-a-service offering, investors can establish a fund within hours instead of months. The platform takes care of tasks such as fund administration, audit, and reporting, reducing yearly costs and allowing for more targeted fund sizes.

In 2021, micro funds accounted for about 20% of all seed investments in the US, with a 219% increase in micro VC fund deals over the past decade. The individuals interested in creating such funds are typically influential business angels, partners or principals of VC funds, or alumni networks. Roundtable is currently supporting several micro funds with target sizes ranging from €10 million to €100 million, including Intuition.vc, a €15 million early-stage fund focusing on consumer and culture startups.

According to Evan Testa, CEO and co-founder of Roundtable, micro funds offer agility, quick decision-making, and hands-on support to founders, revolutionizing the venture capital market. The platform’s future plans include international expansion and diversifying investment options into real estate and private equity.

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