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January 18, 2024
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Insider Insights: Miami VCs Forecast the 2024 Startup Scene


  • US startups raised $370B in 2021 and $248B in 2022 but only raised about $149B in 2023, according to Dealroom data.
  • South Florida VCs predict a rebound in the startup ecosystem in 2024, with an increase in funding and the rise of new billion-dollar funds.
  • Access to global talent is dropping barriers to entry for new companies, allowing for more interconnections and business opportunities.
  • The growth of artificial intelligence-powered tools can help startups do more with less and reduce computing costs.
  • Florida Funders partner predicts that a robust IPO market in 2024 will provide liquidity and stimulate the startup ecosystem.
  • Miami’s tech ecosystem is expected to continue growing, fueled by its position as a gateway to Latin America.
  • Startups should focus on building traction and profitability rather than solely raising money.

Miami VCs share their outlook on the 2024 startup ecosystem

According to Dealroom data, US startups reported a significant decrease in funding in 2023 compared to the previous two years. However, South Florida VCs are optimistic about the outlook for the 2024 startup ecosystem. They believe that the rebound is already evident in the investment data from the fourth quarter of 2023 and the rise of several new billion-dollar funds in the region.

Access to global talent is becoming a major advantage for startups in Miami. This allows new companies to enter the market and establish themselves, regardless of their physical location. The rise of artificial intelligence-powered tools is also seen as a boon for startups, as it enables them to do more with less, reducing computing costs and energy usage.

While the IPO market was relatively quiet in 2023, Florida Funders partner Saxon Baum expects a robust IPO market in 2024 to provide the much-needed liquidity to stimulate the startup ecosystem. The ability for investors to recuperate their investments and redeploy the funds will unlock further investment in the market.

Miami’s tech ecosystem is predicted to continue growing in 2024. The city’s position as a gateway to Latin America provides a unique opportunity for investors to access emerging markets and identify growing tech companies in the region. The local VCs are excited about the development of the ecosystem and plan to be very active in investing this year.

Startups looking to raise funds are advised to focus on building traction and profitability. The days of raising money solely on a deal are over, and VCs are looking for evidence of traction through partnerships, LOIs, revenue, and other tangible results. While growth is important for valuations, a focus on sustainable fundamental economics will attract investors.

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