Today: July 10, 2024
July 10, 2024
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Index Ventures secures $23 billion for new investment endeavors


  • Index Ventures raises $2.3B in new funds, allocating $800M to venture funds and $1.5B to a growth fund.
  • The VC has backed 108 startups with $1B valuations, creating 200,000 jobs and projected to create 20,000 more.

London-based Index Ventures recently announced that it has raised $2.3B in new funds, with $800M going towards venture funds and $1.5B to a growth fund. The VC has supported numerous successful startups, with 108 achieving $1B valuations, 23 surpassing $10B, and 57 going public. These companies have already generated 200,000 jobs and are expected to create an additional 20,000 jobs in the next year. Some prominent companies backed by the firm include Figma, Revolut, Roblox, Scale AI, and Wiz. The capital injection comes at a critical time for the startup ecosystem, coinciding with significant advancements in transformative technologies, globalization of entrepreneurship, and increasing tech experience. Index Ventures focuses on building authentic relationships with exceptional founders, backing entrepreneurs with conviction, rather than simply doing deals. The firm operates globally, with offices in San Francisco, London, New York, Berlin, and Tel Aviv, covering ten time zones and 24 tech ecosystems worldwide.

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Index Ventures secures $23 billion for innovative ventures and growth

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