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June 30, 2024
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Incorporating 13M COLLE AI Tokens into Crypto VC’s ETH Fund


  • Purpose Investments incorporates 1.3M tokens of COLLE AI into its ETH ETF Fund.
  • This strategic move boosts credibility and market presence of COLLE AI.

Purpose Investments, a notable crypto venture capital firm, has incorporated 1.3 million COLLE AI tokens into its ETH ETF fund. The move signifies Purpose Investments’ trust in COLLE AI’s innovative blend of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology within the NFT sector. This investment boosts COLLE AI’s credibility and market presence, attracting a wider array of artists, collectors, and investors to its ecosystem. COLLE AI employs cutting-edge AI tools to facilitate the seamless creation, minting, and trading of unique NFTs. The platform supports a variety of blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Solana, providing versatile and robust options for users.

The support from Purpose Investments will enable COLLE AI to accelerate its development, enhance platform features, refine user experience, and extend its global footprint. COLLE AI is committed to creating a dynamic and inclusive digital art community by focusing on technological innovation and user experience. With the backing from Purpose Investments, COLLE AI aims to advance innovation and growth within the NFT ecosystem by enhancing AI functionalities, integrating advanced blockchain features, and developing new tools for artists and collectors. This investment will help COLLE AI solidify its leadership position in the digital art and NFT market.

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