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May 2, 2024
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Imecxpand Unveils EUR 300M Fund in Global Semiconductor Race


  • Imec.xpand launches EUR 300 million fund for semiconductor and nanotechnology innovations.
  • The fund aims to invest in startups with globally disruptive potential in their target domains.

Imec.xpand, in collaboration with imec, has announced the launch of a new EUR 300 million fund to accelerate transformative semiconductor and nanotechnology innovations. This fund is designed to drive the growth of startups that have the potential to disrupt their target domains on a global scale, with a focus on technologies that are a decade ahead of their time. The fund’s investment strategy is global and it targets breakthrough technologies such as AI, ML, AR/VR, photonics, and advancements in life sciences like cell therapy and medical diagnostics.

Imec.xpand’s goal is not only to provide funding to startups but also to build companies that can lead technological transformations. With a track record of investing in game-changing companies and support from international financial and strategic investors, imec.xpand has positioned itself uniquely in the global venture capital community. Its portfolio companies have raised nearly EUR 1.5 billion in financing, with two unicorns among them. Notable companies in the imec.xpand portfolio include Celestial AI, PsiQuantum, and Swave Photonics, each focusing on cutting-edge technologies and global competitiveness.

Imec.xpand’s independent management, global reach, dedicated semiconductor focus, and strong imec support set it apart from other venture capital initiatives. The fund’s ability to assess technology risk in the earliest stages of development contributes to its game-changing approach towards semiconductor innovation. To learn more about the imec.xpand fund and its investments, visit their website.

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