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May 19, 2024
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IDLC VC Invests in Innovative Mapping Startup Barikoi


  • IDLC Venture Capital invests in mapping solutions startup Barikoi to enhance location-based services and geospatial mapping in the digital economy.
  • Barikoi, founded in 2018, offers accurate and up-to-date mapping data to help businesses optimize logistics and operations in Bangladesh’s complex urban landscapes.

In a recent development, IDLC Venture Capital has announced its investment in Barikoi, a Dhaka-based mapping solutions startup, signaling the increasing importance of location-based services and geospatial mapping in the digital economy. Founded in 2018 by Md Al-Amin Sarker and Sadman Sakib, Barikoi has quickly become a key player in providing mapping solutions tailored to businesses looking to streamline their logistics and operations in Bangladesh.

The company’s focus on creating a robust geospatial mapping infrastructure that addresses the unique challenges of Bangladesh’s urban landscapes has allowed it to attract the attention of multinational corporations, banks, and leading startups in the country. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and proprietary data collection techniques, Barikoi offers businesses accurate and up-to-date mapping data to optimize logistics, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver superior customer experiences.

The investment from IDLC Venture Capital is expected to provide Barikoi with the resources needed to expand its operations and further enhance its product offerings, solidifying its position as a pioneering provider of mapping solutions in Bangladesh. This move highlights the increasing recognition of the role that location-based services and geospatial mapping play in driving business success in the digital age.

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