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January 13, 2024
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Hottest Funding Fever: $110M Round Ignites the Week’s Top Deals


  • This week saw three funding rounds exceed $100 million
  • Funding was spread across various sectors including entertainment, cyber, gaming, healthcare, and more
  • Notable raises include Fever ($110M), ExtraHop ($100M), and Second Dinner ($100M)

New York-based entertainment platform Fever raised $110 million in a funding round led by Goldman Sachs, bringing its valuation to $1.8 billion. The company curates experiences for users and helps organizers find new audiences. Cybersecurity firm ExtraHop also closed a $100 million round from undisclosed existing investors, while gaming studio Second Dinner secured a $100 million Series B round led by Griffin Gaming Partners. Other significant funding rounds include Harbor Health ($96 million), Quora ($75 million), and Rokid ($70 million).

While the largest raise of the week was Amsterdam-based Picnic’s $389 million venture round, the U.S. also saw substantial funding activity across various sectors. Despite a recent lull in cybersecurity funding, ExtraHop’s raise demonstrates that large rounds are still possible in the space. The gaming industry also saw a notable raise from Second Dinner, and Fever’s funding shows continued interest in the entertainment sector.

Several companies in the healthcare and information services sectors also secured significant funding. Harbor Health, a primary and specialty clinic group in Texas, closed a $95.5 million round led by General Catalyst, while Q&A website Quora raised $75 million to support the growth of its AI chat platform. Other notable raises include Artisight ($42 million) in the healthcare sector and Impact Analytics ($40 million) in the software industry.

Overall, this week’s funding rounds highlight the ongoing diversity and growth in the investment landscape, with significant funding flowing into various industries. Companies across entertainment, cybersecurity, gaming, healthcare, and information services secured major capital to support their expansion plans and drive innovation in their respective sectors.

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