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December 19, 2023
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Her Words: VC Genevieve Gilbreath invests in CPG innovators.

Genevieve Gilbreath, Co-founder and General Partner of Springdale Ventures in Austin, Texas, discusses her journey in venture capital and her passion for supporting consumer products entrepreneurs. With a background in medical anthropology, Gilbreath initially ventured into consumer products because of her interest in human health. She established her first botanical supplements company and later started Herbal Zap, an instant Ayurvedic herbal health drink brand produced in Sri Lanka. Through her entrepreneurial journey, Gilbreath discovered her true passion: helping founders reach their full potential by boosting their confidence, skills, and inner wisdom for ultimate success.

Gilbreath is particularly dedicated to supporting founders from underrepresented groups in obtaining the funding they need for growth. She emphasizes the importance of developing the confidence, skills, and inner wisdom necessary for success and believes that founders should have access to the resources and funding they need, regardless of their background or identity.

Throughout her career, Gilbreath has navigated the challenges and opportunities of building and growing companies. She acknowledges that mistakes are part of the process, but it is crucial to learn from them and find solid footing to move forward. Her own experiences in entrepreneurship have shaped her approach to venture capital, emphasizing the importance of supporting founders and helping them overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

As a co-founder and general partner of Springdale Ventures, Gilbreath is focused on investing in consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and supporting their growth. She believes that CPG companies have the potential to create meaningful impact in people’s lives and shape the future of the industry. Gilbreath is passionate about investing in founders who are driving innovation, sustainability, and health in the consumer products sector.

Overall, Gilbreath’s journey in venture capital has been shaped by her background in medical anthropology, her experiences in entrepreneurship, and her dedication to supporting underrepresented founders. She strives to provide the necessary resources and funding for CPG entrepreneurs to succeed, while also fostering their personal and professional growth. With her unique perspective and expertise, Gilbreath continues to make a significant impact in the venture capital and consumer products industries.

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