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December 21, 2023
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Hadean Ventures seals EUR144M for epic second fund closure!

Hadean Ventures, a life science venture capital firm based in Oslo and Stockholm, has closed its second fund, Hadean Capital II, at EUR 144 million. The fund includes existing investors as well as new investors such as EIF, KfW Capital, and Tesi.

The closing of Hadean Ventures’ second fund indicates a strong interest in the life science sector, as LPs are eager to invest in innovative startups and companies in this field. With EUR 144 million in funding, the firm will have the necessary capital to support these ventures and drive growth in the industry.

This is a positive development for the life science sector, as it shows that there is confidence in the potential for innovation and success in this field. The investments made by LPs will support the development of new technologies, treatments, and therapies that can significantly improve the quality of life for patients.

The participation of new investors in Hadean Ventures’ second fund also highlights the growing interest in the life science sector from a diverse range of sources. The involvement of EIF, KfW Capital, and Tesi demonstrates that there is a recognition of the potential for significant returns on investment in this field.

The closing of Hadean Ventures’ second fund is a significant milestone for the firm, as it provides them with the necessary resources to continue investing in promising life science ventures. This funding will enable them to support startups and companies in their quest to develop groundbreaking innovations that can make a real difference in healthcare.

Overall, this news highlights the continued growth and interest in the life science sector, as evidenced by the successful closing of Hadean Ventures’ second fund. The involvement of new investors and the significant amount of funding secured indicate a strong belief in the potential of the industry and the opportunities for innovation and growth.

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