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May 21, 2024
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Grupo Alpina’s $2M Investment Boost for Agrifood Startups


  • Grupo Alpina, a Colombian food conglomerate, will invest $2M in 18 agriculture and food startups over the next two years.
  • Each of the selected startups will receive $100,000 in funding.

Colombian food conglomerate Grupo Alpina has announced plans to invest $2M in 18 agriculture and food startups over the next two years. In partnership with accelerator and venture capital firm Rockstart, Alpina will support early-stage startups by providing capital, expertise, and infrastructure to help them grow in the market. The investment will be distributed among the selected startups, with each receiving $100,000 in funding.

The collaboration between Grupo Alpina and Rockstart is aimed at fostering innovation and growth in the agrifood sector. Alpina, a well-established player in the food industry operating in several countries, aims to leverage its experience and resources to support emerging startups in the sector. The partnership will soon open applications for startups interested in participating in the initial agrifood program investments.

Grupo Alpina, with its presence in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and the United States, is composed of 11 companies and a foundation. This strategic investment in agrifood startups reflects the company’s commitment to driving innovation and supporting entrepreneurship in the Latin American region.

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