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December 18, 2023
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Funding Dreams: Philanthropic Launch Pad for AI for Bharat.

Key Points:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) models for Bharat (India) will need philanthropic investments in the initial stages, according to panelists at the Global AI Conclave.
  • The AI models can distil and synthesise information at a simpler level and create new interfaces like chatbots that provide communication in Indian languages.

At the Global AI Conclave, panelists highlighted the need for philanthropic investments during the initial stages of AI models for Bharat, India. The economics of AI for Bharat models is currently unviable for scaling and hinges on philanthropic contributions, according to panellists Manu Chopra of Karya.ai and Prashanth Prakash, founding partner of venture capital firm Accel.

Artificial Intelligence has tremendous potential to improve convenience and efficiency in everyday life. AI models can distil and synthesise information at a simpler level and provide new, user-friendly interfaces, such as chatbots. Highlighting the importance of AI, the panelists emphasized the incorporation of Indian languages in these chatbot interfaces to ensure effective communication and widespread usability in the Indian subcontinent.

AI is expected to play a significant role in revolutionizing different sectors in India and globally. However, the initial challenges that come with implementing AI in Bharat, such as the linguistic diversity, require strategic approaches and substantial financial backing. The panelists hence championed the idea of philanthropic investments to support the development and implementation of AI models necessary for the nation’s growth.

The Global AI Conclave gathered top global and Indian voices on AI, providing a platform for discussing AI’s current challenges and envisioning its future prospects. As innovative technology continues to grow, discussions such as these are crucial to navigate the challenges and maximize the benefits that AI has to offer.

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