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  • Facebook is updating its “comment ranking” algorithm to prioritize more meaningful and informative comments on public posts.
  • The change is being made to reduce the visibility and spread of comments that are low-quality or spammy.
  • The algorithm will now consider factors such as whether a comment has been voted on, replied to, or reported as a form of ranking.
  • Facebook hopes this change will improve the overall quality of discussions and make public posts more informative and engaging.

Facebook is taking another step to improve the conversation quality on its platform by updating its comment ranking algorithm. The social media giant’s latest move aims to prioritize more meaningful and informative comments on public posts, while reducing the visibility and spread of low-quality or spammy comments.

The algorithm update will take into account multiple factors to determine the ranking of comments. Previously, the algorithm primarily relied on factors such as the number of likes or replies a comment received. However, the new update will expand the range of signals Facebook considers to prioritize comments.

Some of the key signals the algorithm will now consider include:

  • Votes on comments: Comments that have received a lot of positive votes will be given higher visibility.
  • Replies: Comments that have elicited responses from other users will be ranked higher.
  • Reports: Comments that have been reported by other users for being spammy or violating community standards will be ranked lower or hidden.

Additionally, Facebook will also be expanding the application of the algorithm update to prioritize comments on posts from public figures, groups, and Pages. This move is aimed at ensuring that discussions around important public figures and topics are more informative and engaging for users.

The update aligns with Facebook’s ongoing efforts to encourage meaningful interactions on the platform and tackle issues such as misinformation and harmful content. By prioritizing comments that have received positive engagement and filtering out low-quality or spammy comments, Facebook hopes to improve the overall quality of conversations.

According to the company, the rankings will still be personalized to some extent, based on a user’s individual preferences and connections. However, the main goal is to surface comments that are more likely to be relevant and add value to the discussion.

Facebook’s comment ranking algorithm will undergo continuous improvements based on user feedback and data analysis. The company plans to gather insights from users to understand how well the update is working and whether any further adjustments are needed in the future.

The revised comment ranking algorithm has already started rolling out on Facebook and its associated platforms.

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