Today: June 11, 2024
June 11, 2024
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Finland’s Hot IPO Scene: Unveiling the Lucrative Stock Market


  • Private equity and venture capital investors in Finland have identified 47 potential IPO candidates from their portfolios.
  • The Finnish IPO market has been quiet, but there are signs that companies are ready to go public once the window opens.

In a recent report by the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA), it was revealed that there are 47 potential IPO candidates in Finland, according to private equity and venture capital investors. These companies span various sectors, including B2B services, enterprise software, biotechnology, retail, and quantum technology. The common factor among these companies is their strong growth prospects, market leadership, or potential for international growth. The report also highlighted the companies’ well-known brands and ecological values as appealing to private investors.

Despite the quiet period in the Finnish IPO market, investors are optimistic that companies will be ready to list on short notice once the IPO window opens. Companies’ IPO plans have been on hold due to various factors, but with stabilizing interest and inflation environments, rising valuations may increase companies’ willingness to go public. Private equity and venture capital investors typically exit their portfolio companies within 3-7 years through various means, including IPOs.

The report lists the potential IPO candidates and the investors who have identified them, with companies like Cloud1 Oy, Framery Oy, and Solar Foods Oy among the candidates. Private equity and venture capital investors in Finland are hopeful that several portfolio companies will enter the stock market in the coming years, reflecting the potential growth and diversity of the Finnish startup ecosystem.

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