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December 18, 2023
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FemTech Fund III: Trish Costello’s Vanguard of Women’s Health Investments

  • U.S. venture capital firm, Portfolia recently announced the launch of a new investment vehicle called FemTech Fund III, which focuses heavily on women’s health.
  • Portfolia, led by founder Trish Costello, is well-regarded for its diverse investment portfolio and has been at the forefront of driving investments in women’s health and femtech sectors.
  • The firm seeks to empower women, who are increasingly controlling more U.S. wealth, to invest in sectors important to them. So far, it has 140 companies in its portfolio with a substantial network of female investors.

Established by Trish Costello, Portfolia came into being as a venture capital firm in 2014 addressing a significant gap she identified in traditional venture capital – insufficient investment in women’s health. Today, the firm manages 13 funds and remains an active participant in various sectors.

FemTech Fund III is a representation of Portfolia’s enduring dedication to enabling women to control the market, particularly in areas traditionally underrepresented. The fund is currently open for investment.

Across its subspecialties and stages, Portfolia remains the most active investor in women’s health with over 44 investments. With past investments like the first femtech unicorn, Maven Clinic, and the health testing unicorn, EverlyWell, Portfolia is able to extend its focus to all phases of health.

FemTech Fund III offers investors the possibility to support the next innovation wave in women’s health. Specifically, the fund targets companies working on various aspects of women’s health like mental health, pregnancy, fertility, menopause, and aging.

Despite the market for women’s health projected to be worth $48B by 2027, it remains underfunded due to the dearth of awareness among wellness investors, most of whom are men. Through FemTech Fund III, Portfolia wants to bring a change in how women’s healthcare is invested in and fund innovations in women’s health that women want.

Portfolia’s vision is in alignment with the recent initiatives of the White House in terms of women’s health research. It actively tries to remedy the deficit of capital flowing into companies relevant to women’s health via its FemTech Fund III.

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